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Pure Kombucha


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Bee Bread & Ginger

Kaffir Lime & Ginger

Mulberry & Ginger

Hibiscus Sour Sop & Ginger


Pure Kombucha use creativity and knowledge to produce the most amazing tasting Kombucha tea. The herbs and spices they use are carefully selected from all over the globe.

Their kombucha is fermented twice in order to produces a powerfully full boded flavour, with billions of living yeast and bacteria, beneficial acetic acid. This is what gives the kombucha it's distinctive flavour. 

They use no forced methods with which to produce their kombucha, no carbonation or sterilisation methods. The fermentation is a traditional method which changes from season to season. Fermenting the Kombucha using this method gives each flavour an incredibly different taste to the pallet. Each one has been carefully selected for its taste of possible beneficial properties.

Kombucha is a great alternative to wine and complements food very well. It could help with the function of the liver, weight loss and focus high blood pressure and arthritis if consumed on a regular basis.

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